What is the ``Business of Healthcare?``

It’s about giving clinicians the time and resources to do what they do best.

That’s the akiro difference. Successful healthcare organizations and physician’s practices are built upon defining expectations and integrating the enterprise from a revenue cycle, process management, governance, IT, and legal perspective. It’s that comprehensive outlook that sets akiro consultants (and other members of the GPMF ecosystem) apart. Our in-house accounting, legal, and process improvement expertise is deeply rooted in the healthcare industry with access to the clinical and technology resources of our sister companies, VertitechIT, Nectar Strategic Consulting, baytechIT, and Liberty Fox Technologies.

Who We Are

In 1887, a Polish doctor invented Esperanto, an international auxiliary language created with a specific purpose in mind: to unite the human race. “Akiro” is Esperanto for acquisition, and we chose that moniker as a way of demonstrating our commitment to acquiring the resources needed to meet the “non-clinical,” but vital organizational requirements of healthcare organizations. Those business essentials and the medical services they support, are the lifeblood of our healthcare system.

From revenue cycle and financial management, to government program assistance and complex M&A transaction support, the company’s staff of legal, financial, and clinical consultants work with health systems and large medical practices to optimize workflows, perform financial due diligence, determine fair market value, and facilitate complex transactions.

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