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Revenue Cycle and Process Management

RCM is so much more than a financial process. It’s the entire patient experience from first contact through final payment. Most companies focus solely on back end billing and collections when time is often better spent improving the patient experience and optimizing the patient work flow to eliminate downstream collections issues. This is where akiro makes a difference. We use our experienced workflow documentation specialists to completely understand the patient journey and work with management, the billing company, or the software vendor to optimize this process in a non-partisan way. At akiro, we use our knowledge and experience to break down the process and optimize or recommend changes:

  • Charge Lag Delays (workflow process improvement, multi-disciplinary teamwork, documentation compliance)
  • POS Collection Issues (bad debt reduction, collection cost improvement, technology implementation)
  • Claim Denials (process, compliance, coding, and contract management)
  • Staffing Issues

Venture Capital and Private Equity Consulting

Nearly 90% of all healthcare mergers and acquisitions fail to reach their financial goals and both buyer and seller share the blame. It’s akin to navigating a minefield where failure is usually attributed to unrealistic valuations, improper integration estimations, inadequate operation optimization, and underperforming or incompatible IT infrastructure considerations. At akiro, due diligence is part of our DNA.

  • Financial (ROI forecasting, Fair Market Valuation, quality validation of earnings, revenue, and coding practices
  • Regulatory (pre-transaction examination, letter of intent drafting, target practice/organizational review, ad post LOI analysis)
  • Security and Technology (EHR integration, HIPAA compliance, network efficiency, hardware and software assessment)
  • Post-Transaction Compliance (Ongoing FMV review, anti-kickback and Stark law adherence, remediation)

Business and Compliance Advisory Services

Whether your entity is acquiring businesses, entering into physician contractual arrangements (e.g. independent contractors) and employment agreements, or simply confirming that existing agreements remain compliant, akiro provides certification of good practice through Fair Market Value Opinions, Commercial Reasonableness attestation, and vigilance on appropriate business practices for avoiding Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute (AKS),  and False Claims Act issues as well as compliance with state statutes.

Maintenance of these certifications are key elements of good governance for healthcare organizations. Failure to meet this obligations is similar to not buying fire insurance for your house. One small incident can lead to devastating destruction. It’s a requirement. Routine, consistent, and certified. akiro.

Government Program Assistance

Federal, state, and local governments are making hundreds of millions of dollars available to hospitals, physicians practice groups, behavioral health centers, and clinics to improve the delivery of care. More often than not, these grants, awards, and reimbursement programs are not promoted effectively and the application process requires legal and financial expertise to navigate the bureaucratic maze. Akiro has guided organizations and secured funding from the small business administration, the federal communications commission, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, among others.

Utility Procurement Consulting

The healthcare industry is actively looking to alternative energy sources to power its infrastructure. Hospitals use three to five times as much energy as a five-star hotel when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) and  87% of healthcare and medical group respondents to a recent national survey say they have plans to retrofit and upgrade their infrastructure to electrify their space and water heating.  Akiro experts can help to:

  • source energy for electricity, natural gas, and renewables
  • evaluate proposed energy efficiency projects
  • implement a sustainable supply chain
  • negotiate energy contracts
  • assist with negotiation of telecom/broadband/video procurement